The Aisoy KiK robots are educational, and, because of this, they use problem-solving games to learn while playing. Aisoy KiK loves to propose clevel and stimulating challenges specifically created for you.

What is a challenge?

A challenge is a contest or game that once accepted must be completed to win. Each challenge is meant to stimulate one or more of your multiple intelligences (MIs) in a fun way.


Types of challenges.

The challenges range from a variety of topics (math, science, technology, nature, culture, etc.). Aisoy KiK categorizes its games through action, adventure, cards, strategy, music, word games, puzzles, role play, simulation, and trivia.















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Advantages of solving challenges

There are two benefits to solving a challenge:

1. Developing your skills through play.

You will discover and develop your personal PMI (Profile of Multiple Intelligences). This is the genius you have inside of you: the mathematician, the linguist, the specialist, the musician, the naturalist, your relationships with other people, your relationship with yourself, your mind, and your body.

2.Gaining energy Emos.

These are points of either knowledge or happiness that help Aisoy KiK to be happier, and also to evolve and acquire new information, culture, and the ability to communicate. Say so long to boring!

A challenge a day keeps the sadness away.

You already know that Aisoy KiK loves challenges. Because of this, it is beneficial to solve a challenge every day. Remember to pay attention, because there are some challenges in which you can score extra points.

Aisoy KiK, an intelligent robot that adapts to your rhythm and style of learning.

Prepare yourself for the future. It benefits for your personal, social, and emotional development. A journey filled with fun and learning, and an introduction to the fascinating world of artificial intelligence.

1. Developing your Multiple Intelligences.

The fun challenges with Aisoy KiK stimulate and develop your Multiple Intelligences (MI). Playing every day will allow Aisoy KiK to adapt its strategy, speed, and contents to your learning style.

2. Improve your ability to solve real life problems.

Aisoy KiK presents to you challenges from a range of categories that stimulate your MIs. By solving them you will be stimulating your creativity, leadership, teamwork, and real-life problem solving.

3.Develop and improve your emotional capacity.

Aisoy KiK is an emotional robot and interacting with it will help improve your ability to be sympathetic and develop your conflict resolution skills with other people in your day to day life.

In addition to the common challenges, Aisoy KiK can propose you what he calls extraordinary challenges for extraordinary people like you.

What is a premium challenge?

A premium challenge is similar to a regular challenge, but with just a few differences. The main difference is that it has a higher difficulty level with a time limit. In other words, you will have to work hard to solve them.

Types of premium challenges

The premium challenges are played just like the regular challenges but with special topics. To solve them you will have to travel in time, in space, learn magic, or work alongside artificial intelligence.

Why solve premium challenges?

Solving a premium challenge has the same advantages as solving a regular challenge. Playing by the rules of the challenge can extend those benefits to your PMI and to the number of Emos you’ve obtained, including other surprises.

The premium challenges can appear randomly and are not common. Don’t lose your chance!

Be prepared.

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