Airos is the powerhouse that manages and gives life to each and every Aisoy KiK.

It has the freedom and capacity to make its own decisions, get to know you better, learn something through new experiences, and adapt its personality to you.

Emotions: Emotional Engine

Making every robot distinct from one another.

Emotions is the emotional engine that allows for the Aisoy KiK robots to make its own decisions and gain a unique personality that emotionally evolves as it adapts to you. Because of this, every Aisoy KiK robot is unique, including in the way it behaves.

aia: Cognitive Engine

The knowledge and analysis behind every decision.

Airos has determining factors that collaborate with vital objectives which govern its behavior. aia analyzes every situation as individually as possible to determine which is the best option to achieve its objectives. Plus, the outcome forms as a part of its overall experience.

Coloquo: Dialogue Engine

Is there a better way to communicate?

Airos allows for you to speak organically with Aisoy KiK. It will try to understand you and respond to you according to your comprehension and knowledge level. It doesn’t want to argue about philosophy with you, but rather have a good time with you as it takes you beyond the add ons you have in your phone.

* It requires Internet connection.
** For kids ages 10 and under, accuracy can be reduced.


Capable of recognizing you.

To ease your personal relationship, we’ve improved its visual detection, and Aisoy EMO is now able to recognize your face when it sees you.

The most advanced emotional robot ever created!

Aisoy Blockly, your first program.

Aisoy Blockly has an intuitive and table learning method so that you can program your Aisoy KiK with ease. Use your smartphone or tablet, and let your imagination soar, programming whatever comes to mind!

Aisoy KiK is the first robot in the world that is programmable with Scratch.

If you want to learn how to program using a computer you can turn to Scratch, the world of visual programming, developed by MIT. Scratch is the most used visual programming software (in more than 150 countries) in which children ages 8 and older are taught to use creative thinking, systematic reasoning, use teamwork, and, of course, computer programming.

Airos SDK for developers.

We created SDK Airos to offer you a never before seen access to the world of social robotics. Powerful, yet easy; complex, yet not complicated. Its versatility allows it to be used from points of pure entertainment to investigative projects. We hope you enjoy it and you become apart of our growing community of developers. * You must have Python to use SDK Aisoy.