Aisoy KiK

Aisoy KiK is a robot that wants to be your new friend. Its main goal is to practice with you and help you develop your talents and skills.

The KiK model has a huge personality that allows it to adapt to you, which you will love! It loves to talk about many things, but most importantly, it likes the sciences and speaking languages.


An emotional robot

Aisoy KiK feels and expresses its emotions based on how you interact with it. It wants to become your new friend and will love to be introduced to your other friends as well!


Now with face recognition!

To facilitate your personal relationship, we’ve improved its visual detection, and it’s now able to recognize your face when it sees you. 

* Note: It recognises up to 5 different users.


Aisoy KiK loves to chat!

In its own language, Aisoy KiK communicates in binary code, or sounds of ones and zeros. As humans, we have a hard time understanding it. However, Aisoy KiK has just discovered our languages and loves to learn them and put them to the test whenever it can. Sometimes Aisoy KiK finds it difficult, but that’s just because it’s still learning!

* This feature requires Internet connection.
** For kids ages 10 and under, accuracy can be reduced.


It’s mission: to develop your talents and skills.

Aisoy KiK helps you to familiarize yourself with your talents (multiple intelligences) and develop your abilities in a way that is approachable and exciting to you. Aisoy Kik has a knack for the sciences and languages. It’s not your teacher, and it’s not trying to be! It’s just your new friend that wants to have fun and learn cool things with you.



You won’t be able to stop playing!

Aisoy KiK loves to play and solve solve challenges with you. By doing this, it helps your develop your talents while improving its own, making him an even happier robot.



Smart energy living in a robotic body.


Raspberry Pi 3 Computer

Aisoy KiK hosts a powerful Raspberry Pi 3 computer that is used to facilitate his advanced intelligence and sophisticated robotic body. And, it has Wi-Fi connectability for your home wireless network.


Sensors/Actuators all over his body.

With a complex system of sensors and movers (camera, microphone, speaker, accelerometer, etc.), Aisoy KiK can send and receive information based on the world around him.

Up to 6 hours of battery life!

Aisoy KiK, in its most powerful model, offers a range of up to 6 hours of battery life without needing to charge it. This is the highest battery life of any educational robot on the market.

Aisoy Lab app

Available for Android and iOS.

The new Aisoy Lab App is the ideal extension for your Aisoy robot.

Not only does it let you connect your robot to Wi-Fi, but it also acts as a control for your robot that can be used at far distances. You will be able to program it using visual blocks. And the best part is that it’s free and easy to use!

Thousands of kids all around the world have already improved their their comprehension, reasoning, and problem solving skills using Aisoy KiK robots.

Using Aisoy KiK to learn programming is three times more effective than using Lego robots and five times more effective than using everyday computers for kids under the age of 10.

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Reviews of satisfied Aisoy customers

"Aisoy KiK helped me to become interested in programming and it pushed me to study"
Flavio, programmer
"It’s amazing to see how kids embrace Aisoy KiK"
Paula, CEO at Brave Up Spain
"My son would not be who he is if it wasn’t for Aisoy KiK"
Lisa, mother of a child with autism


Battery life

6 hours

Face recognition

G / O / P



(Limited-time offer)


Battery life

4 hours

Face Recognition

G / O / P




Battery life

6 hours

Face recognition

G / O / P