Aisoy Edu

Aisoy EDU is a robot that is distinct from what you may be used to. It could be programmed like the rest, but also, you can develop unique projects that will inspire and motivate your students, developing their empathy, creativity, and teamwork skills. 


Aisoy EDU loves to talk!

On its planet, Aisoy EDU communicated in binary code, or sounds of ones and zeros. As humans, we have a hard time understanding it. However, Aisoy EDU has just discovered our languages and loves to learn them and put them to the test whenever it can. Sometimes Aisoy EDU finds it difficult, but that’s just because it’s still learning!

* Requires Internet connection. 
** For kids ages 10 and under, accuracy can be reduced.


Capable of recognizing you

To ease your personal relationship, we’ve improved its visual detection, and Aisoy EDU is now able to recognize your face when it sees you. It can recognize the entire classroom–up to 30 users!


Raspberry Pi 3 Computer

Aisoy EDU hosts a powerful Raspberry Pi 3 computer that is used to facilitate his advanced intelligence and sophisticated robotic body. And, it has Wi-Fi connectability for your home wireless network.


Sensors/Actuators all over his body

With a complex system of sensors and movers (camara, microphone, speaker, accelerometer, etc.), Aisoy EDU can send and receive information based on the world around him.

Up to 6 hours of battery life!

Aisoy EDU, in its most powerful model, offers a range of up to 6 hours of battery life without needing to charge it. This is the highest battery life of any educational robot on the market.

Aisoy Lab app

Available for Android and iOS.

The new Aisoy Lab App is the ideal extension for your Aisoy robot.

Not only does it let you connect your robot to Wi-Fi, but it also acts as a control for your robot that can be used at far distances. You will be able to program it using visual blocks. And the best part is that it’s free and easy to use!

Aisoy EDU is available in two different versions (Edu and Edu+), according to the age of the students and the three colors (green, orange and pink).

Aisoy Edu

Designed for primary school students.

Aisoy Edu+

Designed for secondary school students.