Aisoy Robotics

We are creating life.
Emotional robotic life.

We are changing the way people play, learn and improve their quality of life using emotions.

Aisoy Robotics started the social robotic revolution in 2009 creating the first consumer social robot. A very different robot from any other until then. Revolutionary, emotional and democratic. And, we never stop since then. We fuse Artificial Intelligence and Robotic for creating new affective experiences between people and robots which make have us fun time and improve our quality of life.

  • 2009
    We started to create new artificial forms of life

    We created Aisoy Robotics with two clear ideas on our minds: to create robotic life which generates affective links with people and democratize it for making affordable to everyone.

  • 2010
    The first Aisoy1

    We introduced our first creature in Christmas 2010 surprising everyone.

  • 2011
    Aisoy1 already is programmable

    Users asked us for coding tools for Aisoy1 and information for learning to do it. Granted! Again the firts one.

  • 2012
    Second generation

    Second generation of Aisoy1 stablished the foundation of our next steps and gave us the advantage to introduce a new version every year.

  • 2013
    We won NTT Enterpreuners Award!

    Aisoy Robotics won the NTT Enterpreuners Award. There were hundreds of projects around the world, so it made us very very happy.

  • 2014
    Raspberry and Scratch

    We moved closer to Education building for the first time the first consumer robot which used a Raspberry Pi inside, and at the same time being programmable using Scratch by MIT. Aisoy was the first company doing that in the world, then others follow that way.

  • 2015
    We are global

    We opened our Aisoy Store for selling and shipping worldwide. Customers from many differents countries bought an Aisoy1. Some examples are Australia, Chile, US, France, Japan or South Africa.

  • 2016
    Your big friend robot

    In 2016 we developed Airos 6, the most advanced emotional OS for a consumer robot in the world. That made possible to introduce Aisoy1 KiK at the beginning of 2017, our first robot with a character from another planet.

Our Motivation. Our Passion. Our Team.

"We are passionated about what we do, computers, technology and videogames, because our parents gifted us a computer (Amstrad, MSX, Spectrum,...) when we were a child. We spent many hours having fun time with those magical devices. We learnt a lot playing with them but also exploring, testing and discovering how to code them ;-). We dreamed with robots and AIs. Now, we became into reality those childhood's dreams. Would you like to know a little more about us?"

- José Manuel del Río, CEO -

Aisoy Founders

Our CEO is a dreamer. He has launched several high tech startups in the last 15 years with a common foundation: Artificial Intelligence. He loves technology, specially technology related to robots, IAs and videogames. This passion inspires and drives him since his childhood when his parents gifted his first computer. That's the reason he wants to gift to the new generations new and exceptional creativity experiences. Experiences that inspire and have fun for creating new things in their future.

José Manuel del Río
Founder & CEO

He is our CSO and a crack at Maths! He shares our CEO's vision. He has a deep knowlegde about Game's Theory applied to decision making processes. He designed the theory of our Emotional Engine included in Airos. Among his many merits is to be the youngest member of The Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences since 2008.

David Ríos
Founder & CSO

He is in charge of hw product management. He is another passionated about technology and videogames, specially all related to hardware. He spent his childhood's leisure time between computers, different electrical experiments and musical electronic instruments. His hands could be appreciated in the electronic parts of our robots. He usually surprise us with new devices with wheels with sometimes appears by the office.

Co-Founder&Product VP
Diego García
Founder & Hardware Product Manager

Some pictures about the rest of dreamers who are part of The Aisoy Team