#AisoyScratch01 – Hello, my name is Aisoy

#AisoyScratch01 – Hello, my name is Aisoy

What will we learn today

In today’s session we will learn to connect to the Scratchxprogramming environment and to program a dialogue with Aisoy.

Connect with ScratchX

The ScratchX programming environment is a visual environment that runs using the Chrome browser.


The first step is to open the Chrome browser, load the environment and the Aisoy Scratch extension in order to program the Aisoy robot. To download it, access to the Internet is required. The latest version can be found at the following address:

The next step is to establish the communication between this environment and our robot. Both must be on the same network so that communication can be established.

  • Option 1. You already have your Wi-Fi configured for your Aisoy robot. Cool! You just have to make sure that your Aisoy and your computer are connected to it. To know if your Aisoy is on thenetwork you can check it using the AisoyLab app.
  • Option 2. You do not have your Wi-Fi configured. Don’t worry! You just have to connect your computer to the Wi-Fi network that Aisoy creates for these cases. Find a network called Aisoyxxxx. The password is * emotions *. And that’s it.

Now that we have our robot and our computer on the same network, we must authorize that communication. This is normal. You are allowing access so that the possibility exists to program behaviors on the robot. That requires an explicit authorization.

Don’t worry, it is very easy! Open a new browser tab and type the following:

https: //aisoy1.local: 9090

Can “Upgrade” only to “WebSocket”

You are telling the robot not to worry, that you are going to use that channel of communication with him and accept it. You will get a security message as indicating that the connection is not private. Click on * Advanced Options * and then on * Access to … * If everything went well, you will get this concise text:

We know. It’s not very attractive, but Google is like that. And,the most important thing is that we have finished with all the preparations. Let’s program our Aisoy!

My first program

How exciting! Let’s go.

Remember that in the previous step we agreed to authorize the communication. Ok, we have it. Now we need to establish it. You see that in the middle section there is a yellow icon. That means the connection is not established yet.

To establish it we will use the following command:

To execute it, double click on the block.

If everything goes well, a pop-up window will appear telling you that the connection has been established. Click on OK and you will see that the icon has changed to green. Now we are ready to give instructions to our Aisoy.

Today’s goal is to program our first dialogue with Aisoy. To do this, we will need to tell Aisoy what we want him to say. This is done with the command:

First, we put the program start block. Next, we add the say block and type Hello, my name is Aisoy. And then, we click on the green flag.

Congratulations. You have just created your first program for your Aisoy. We’ll see you in the next session.

Aisoy Scratch: Basic coding course

Aisoy Scratch: Basic coding course

What is Aisoy Scratch?

Aisoy Scratch is a block programming language focused on programming projects with the Aisoy robot, although its real function is to improve the way we think when programming, solving problems and stimulating creativity.

With this course you will learn how to use Aisoy Scratch. It will be exciting, but the really good stuff comes later. When you learn how to think in a specific way while programming, you can make amazing projects with robotic technologies, natural language and artificial vision! Try to put your own ideas and projects into practice. Do not worry, you do not need any prior knowledge or experience.

Aisoy Scratch is recommended for children 8 years old to adults. To learn how to program with Aisoy Scratch you should not be afraid to try things and make mistakes. Quite the contrary, justexperiment, make mistakes, learn, enjoy the ride!

Each week we will publish a new chapter for this course. You will see how quickly you reach your goals. With each chapter you will learn new things to use to experiment. We will begiving you new resources that you can use in your projects. Your imagination is the limit.

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Why program?

With Aisoy Scratch, children can be creators of technology instead of consumers, empowering them with knowledge and tools to build, create and develop their own ideas while helping them to develop key skills such as problem solving, computational thinking and creativity. 

When children work through the activities proposed in this course, they will be learning to think creatively by putting their own ideas to practice through using their own solutions, validating whether they work or not, analyzing them and repeating this process. After all, being wrong is part of learning. And if it’s fun, all the better.