For those of you that need more, you can turn to Scratch, the world of visual programming, developed by MIT. Scratch is the most used visual programming software (in more than 150 countries) in which children ages 8 and older are taught to use creative thinking, systematic reasoning, use teamwork, and, of course, computer programming--all of the necessary skills for the 21st century.

How it works?

Unlike Aisoy Blockly, you need a computer to be able to program your Aisoy with Scratch. Its compatible with various programs and with endless possibilities so that you can program without limits.

Program various robots.

With Scratch you can program various Aisoy robots through the same program. It’s very useful for programming games that have many different characters.

Action blocks

The action blocks allow you to tell Aisoy to perform certain tasks, like speak, change its facial expressions and the color of its heart, or play music.

Detection blocks

The detection blocks allow Aisoy to be conscious of the world around it so that it can act accordingly. For example, being aware of its surroundings, knowing if you’re touching either side of it, or detecting a QR code.

Send us your creations!

Here you can take a look at some examples and tutorials.